Your Moraga Dentist On Fillings and Dental Bonding

Advanced Fillings And Dental Bonding - Moraga Dentist Dr. Scott Lothamer

People who don’t visit the dentist regularly are often under the mistaken impression that in order to improve your smile, major work is required. Happily, that is usually not the case. The truth is, with the benefit of a few simple cosmetic procedures here at your Moraga dentist, you can greatly improve the condition of your teeth–and your appearance overall. With the combination of new and improved fillings and advanced dental bonding, you can easily take care of chipped or cracked teeth, and get rid of those unsightly metal fillings once and for all.

Modern Fillings

For decades the only option available to fill cavities was metal fillings. While they did a fair job, they were cosmetically inferior, their dark color not blending in well with white teeth. Thankfully, today there are porcelain and ceramic fillings available that closely match the color of your teeth, and are nearly invisible to the casual observer.

Not only are these fillings more attractive than darkly-colored metal fillings, they are also more effective at protecting your teeth. Because porcelain and ceramic fillings bond to teeth more surely than the metal equivalent, they provide better protection for your smile. They also don’t require undercutting, a procedure that actually removes a portion of the tooth, which is necessary to attach standard metal fillings.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding technique is similar to filling teeth, and relies on some of the same materials. The procedure is relatively simple: a porcelain or composite resin is bonded to the tooth in order to repair a chip or crack that might lead to trouble later. After the tooth’s surface is treated with a bonding agent, new porcelain is fitted to the top of the tooth, mimicking its original shape. This creates an extremely hard, durable surface that is close to the original in appearance, giving your smile a more natural look, and improved function to boot.

If your teeth are chipped, a simple bonding procedure at your Moraga dentist is often all that’s required to take care of the problem. Dental bonding can also be used to cover metal fillings in many cases, improving the tooth’s appearance and making it stronger as well.

Dental technology has made huge strides in recent years, and by taking full advantage of dental bonding procedures and advanced modern fillings, you can greatly improve the look of your smile. They may be simple procedures, but when used properly, they can have dramatic results. To find out if modern fillings and dental bonding make sense for you, just call our Moraga dental offices today.