Is It Possible To Regrow Missing Teeth?

Somewhere in a science fiction book, movie, or TV show, there has certainly been a magical procedure whereby a person can simply regrow a lost tooth.

Would this ever be possible in reality?

A recent study says…maybe?

…the discovery of the marker, called transcription factor SOX2, in mice dental stem cells provides an excellent model for studying human dental stem cells. The mechanisms that control and regulate tooth growth in humans is similar to those in mice teeth.

The study’s authors are optimistic that their discovery could lead to the development of a bioengineered tooth, which may make it possible someday to replace lost teeth with ones grown from stem cells.

Replacing a lost tooth with a literal replacement would surely be preferable to an implant for the vast majority of people.

Whether it comes to pass or not remains to be seen, but it’s interesting to see it in exploration and concept.

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Dr. Scott Lothamer is a dentist based in Moraga, CA.

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